FoxJet Case Studies

ProSeries Solution: Specialty Foods/Prepared Foods
Customers who have to meet printing requirements that include ingredient labels, product information and barcodes have success with FoxJet’s ProSeries line of High Resolution Case Coding Printers.

ProSeries Solution: Tray Pack Application
Customers who have to meet tray pack requirements that include product detail, batch codes, date coder and barcodes on tray packs have success with FoxJet’s ProSeries line of label printers.

ProSeries Solution: Food and Beverage
Customers that produce multiple products and utilizing generic cartons for their packaging find a reliable system to print product identification including barcode requirements with FoxJet’s ProSeries line of High Resolution Case Coding Printers.

ProSeries Solution: Sauces and Dressings
Customers that require product information marking on two sides of a case with alphanumeric data and a barcode, find an easy to operate system with FoxJet’s ProSeries line of High Resolution Case Coding Printers.

Provide a means for Produce Packing house to easily print industry recommended track and trace bar codes on their cases.
The Produce Marketing Association has developed recommendations for printing on cartons and case bar coding formats to support the produce packing house track and trace initiative. The components of the bar code are a manufacturer/product code and lot code embedded into a bar code that follows GTIN bar code recommendations.

Industrial standard barcodes on Tray Packaging
In the past, canning facilities were simply required to place product information as well as variable date and time information. End-users of these products such as distribution centers are now requiring the addition of a shipping barcode printing to be placed on the cartons to correctly sort in an automated receiving system.

Large Potential Market with Quick Payback for End-User
A large number of customers continue to use high-priced preprinted labels in order to code boxes that require extensive blocks of text such as ingredient or product information. However, using preprinted labels also requires the use of a variable coding device to indicate variable information such as date and time codes on the box.

Reduce coding errors with automatic date code calculations
Many soft drink bottlers need to place a date code, lot code, and expiration code onto their tray packs. A large number of bottlers continue to use outdated low-resolution valve coders and roller coders to accomplish this.

Reduce box inventory and associated costs
In order to meet the varying demands of consumers, almost all manufacturers produce multiple items whose only difference is a flavor or style. The corrugated box size is the same, the brand is the same, but the carton contents may slightly chance from batch to batch.

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