ProSeries® 768e High Resolution Ink Jet Print Head

Industrial high-resolution inkjet printhead specially enhanced for printing high contrast, high quality complex print messages including text, graphics, logos and barcodes in up to a 4” print height. Compatible with all Marksman controllers.

Product Overview:

Enhanced for printing high quality complex messages utilizing a print height up to 4” tall, the ProSeries 768e allows manufacturers to completely replace costly labels with print-on-demand messages. Featuring industry leading ink throw distances, the ProSeries Enhanced printers offer the most forgiving distance tolerances between the printhead and product being marked as well as ensure maximum print quality on irregular surfaces.

The ProSeries 768e model is designed to deliver superior performance when requiring large complex print messages consisting of graphics, logos, alphanumerics and barcodes.

  • 4” Print Height – Up to 42 lines of text
  • Prints barcodes, logos, graphics and text
  • Compatible with all Marksman Controllers
  • Stainless steel industrial-grade construction
  • Smart Clean System auto-flushes print nozzles to ensure maximum print quality
  • Dual ink feed for faster, smoother printing
  • Repairable printheads for maximum total cost of ownership value