Marksman HMI Controller

Compatible with the 9x and 18x VxSeries printheads, the stainless steel Marksman HMI controller features large graphic icons for easy message creation and selection. A single Marksman HMI controller can drive up to 16 9x or 8 18x VxSeries printheads including combinations of the two printhead sizes for maximum print message flexibility.

  • 10.2” color touch screen
  • Can drive multiple printheads
  • Simple Graphic User Interface (GUI) with WYSIWYG editor features large buttons for easy message creation and message selection
  • Connections include 1 Ethernet, 1 USB, 2 RS232
  • Autocode message creation


FoxJet Marksman HMI Connection Point
FoxJet Marksman HMI
FoxJet Marksman HMI Bracket
FoxJet Marksman HMI Connection