FoxJet's Soloseries 90

Product Overview:

Solo Series 90

This inkjet printer delivers the high resolution printing you need at the price you want.

  • Dual Ink Cartridges allow for stitching of text, logos and barcodes up to 1" in height
  • Unique cartridge stitching design eliminates complicated calibration routines
  • Three controller options: PC-based (with included software), Solo Handheld or Marksman Duo IPC
  • Up to 10 vertical lines of print
  • Font heights include 1", 3/4", 1/2", 1/4" and 1/10"
  • Prints logos and barcodes including various 1D types and the 2D data matrix code
  • Fully featured software including built-in autocodes, such as date, time, count and expiration
  • Compact, rugged enclosure with hinged cover to protect pen and allow for easy replacement
  • Serial port at printhead for flexibility
  • Purge button for easy cleaning of cartridge
  • In/Out port for daisy chaining up to four thermal cartridges
  • Ink level detection which ensures optimum print quality – exclusive to FoxJet branded ink cartridges. Use of another brand of ink cartridge will result in system error.  
FoxJet Solo 90 Image 2
FoxJet Solo 90 Image 1
FoxJet Solo 90 Image 3