Product Overview:

The Linx 7900 printer provides fast, non-contact printing of messages on almost any moving surface. This state-of-the-art printer offers simple operation to allow for easy code creation and powerful features to help you meet current and future traceability requirements.

  • Single Button startup and shutdown.
  • Data Matrix and 3-line printing is standard, with optional 4 or 5 line printing.
  • Quickswitch™ software allows for fast, easy code changes using a bar code scanner. Linx 7900 unit
  • LINX Insight® Remote Web control enables remote monitoring from a smartphone, plus message download and control from a PC.
  • Future Proof additional lines of print, faster print speeds and remote communication tools can be added as you need them.  
  • Integral USB port allows for  trouble free copy and backup of data, transfers of message content and setup of data between printers.
  • Full-flush™  system automatically cleans and dries the printhead and conduit at every shutdown, minimizing manual cleaning.
  • SureFill® fluid replenishment ensures fast, mistake proof refills while printing ensure maximum uptime.
  • 18 Month Warranty on printer at no extra cost (excludes Spectrum & Food Grade models).
  • Dynamically adjusted service intervals up to 9,000 hours.
  • Wide range of message formats available including logos and barcodes. Create custom graphics with Logo Editor.
Linx 7900 Print
Linx 7900 Top
7900-Linx Insight
Linx 7900 Surefill System
Linx 7900 Front
Linx 7900 Sample Print4
Linx 7900 Back
Linx 7900 Sample
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Linx 7900