Case Coding System Replacement for Pre-Printed Labels

The Case Coding System With A Large Potential Market with Quick Payback for End-User

A large number of customers continue to use high-priced preprinted labels in order to code boxes that require extensive blocks of text such as ingredient or product information. However, using preprinted labels also requires the use of a variable coding device to indicate variable information such as date and time codes on the box. In the past, it was not possible to code large amounts of data using direct to case ink-jet printing without using multiple printheads because the printheads were limited to five lines of print. Now, with the inception of the ultra-high resolution ProSeries 768 printhead, all information can easily be replicated with one printhead in a single pass coding both fixed information as well as any required variable information.

View our case study and see for yourself how a High-Volume Institutional pizza manufacturer that was using a dual-coding system and costly pre-printed label implimented a industrial inkjet case coding system from Foxjet on three different lines producing a 11 week payback with annual savings of $80,000.

Read the FoxJet Case Study-  Case Coding System Replacement for Pre-Printed Labels