Reduce box inventory and associated costs

In order to meet the varying demands of consumers, almost all manufacturers produce multiple items whose only difference is a flavor or style. The corrugated box size is the same, the brand is the same, but the carton contents may slightly chance from batch to batch. Customers who continue to use pre-printed boxes accumulate an enormous box inventory rivaling their raw inventory for the actual consumer product they manufacture. In addition, retailers require a variable identification mark to be applied to each individual shipper case in order to identify batch, lot, and other variable information. To accomplish this, the manufacturer must marry the pre-printed box with a typically low resolution coder. The solution for these manufacturers is generic cases, possibly as few a one or two boxes sizes, paired with an ultra-high resolution ProSeries printhead able to code logos, product identification, and variable lot/date information. Ultimately, the customer is left with a manageable box inventory, lower labor costs, and high-quality reproductions of the per-printed box format.