Reduce coding errors with automatic date code calculations

Many soft drink bottlers need to place a date code, lot code, and expiration code onto their tray packs. A large number of bottlers continue to use outdated low-resolution valve coders and roller coders to accomplish this. However, using these unsophisticated machines requires frequent human interface with the machine resulting in keystroke and other human errors averaging 31 uncorrected keystroke errors for every 1000 keystrokes. Many times, these errors result in incorrect date codes being placed on the tray packs and require the rerun of the batch to correct the error. Utilizing the Marksman Pro controller and the ProSeries AC printhead, the customer can meet low case coding cost requirements. In addition, by using the PSC PowerScan hand scanner and the Marksman Pro’s editing capabilities, the customer can simply scan a barcode to completely setup the system for coding.