Contract Packager or Quick Change Artist

Contract Packagers are benefiting from coding and marking equipment that is swiftly adaptable, efficient and reliable.

There are countless articles on the subject of contract packaging. Amongst the hype, one thing is clear - flexibility is the key to success for co-packers. But how do co-packers accomplish this without sacrificing efficiency or quality? It all comes down to the orchestra of packaging equipment the contract packager utilizes. From fillers to case erectors, thermoform machinery to product identification equipment, the flexibility and reliability of all packaging equipment dictates the success of the co-packing organization.

Let’s take a look at product identification equipment. In most cases, consumer packaged goods companies look to contract packagers because they have a need to produce additional SKUs. And obviously each new SKU needs to be identified as such. It’s feasible for a contact packager to run short runs of well over 300 SKUs within a week’s time. Does it make sense for a contract packager to stock all of those preprinted cases? And if they do, how much pre-printed box waste do they have at the end of the year? How much fuel and manpower do they use moving those cases from the warehouse to the packaging line? An online printing system is a smarter choice for the contract packager, not to mention the environment.

Today’s online high resolution inkjet solutions offer the flexibility contract packagers need to thrive. High resolution printheads can print beautiful graphics and logos and essential barcodes. There is definitely no sacrifice in print quality. And you can change the message – name of the product, logo, barcode, nutritional information, etc.- on the fly with a touch of a button when it’s time to run a different SKU.

The flexibility of product identification equipment is just one cog in the wheel for the contract packager. The contract packer is only a Quick Change Artist when all of his equipment is swiftly adaptable, efficient and reliable. It is this harmony that brings victory to the contract packager.

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