FoxJet Press Releases

FoxJet ProSeries Enhanced Printhead Technology

FoxJet is proud to offer FoxJet ProSeries 384e and 768e enhanced printhead technology for high quality, high resolution inkjet printing at the industry's fastest speeds.

The FoxJet ProSeries 384e and 768e printheads feature industry-leading ink throw distances, achieving high quality barcode prints at distances up to ¼” and high quality alphanumeric prints at distances up to ½”. By doubling the industry standard for ink throw distance tolerances, the FoxJet ProSeries enhanced printheads achieve consistently high quality prints regardless of irregularities in the surface of the product case being marked.

FoxJet ProSeries 384e

Designed specifically for high speed barcode printing, the FoxJet ProSeries 384e can print high resolution, high contrast barcodes at speeds up to 350 feet per minute, delivering superior barcode edge definition compared to other printers on the market.

FoxJet ProSeries 768e

Designed specifically for high speed complex graphic printing, the FoxJet ProSeries 768e can print large messages incorporating logos, graphics, barcodes and text in a print area up to 4” tall. This printhead model is enhanced to deliver superior quality large format prints at high speeds.

Both FoxJet ProSeries 384e and 768e models pair seamlessly with the industrially designed FoxJet Marksman Matrix and Marksman Elite controllers. FoxJet Marksman controllers feature BoxWriter, a user-friendly Windows-based label creation software that allows for 3D onscreen views of your package during the message design process.

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