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FoxJet Announces The Upgraded Labeling Series Label Applicator

FoxJet is pleased to announce the release of the LS7000, the newest label applicator for product labeling applications serving food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, cosmetics, automotive, industrial and many more markets. The all-electric LS7000 has been designed to serve the needs of customers with servo-controlled label dispensing technology to achieve precise label placement using smart sensing controls. The LS7000’s smart sensing technology reduces complications from missing labels, auto-adjusts to variable line speeds and can automatically adjust label application with variable product distances from the labeler. The LS7000 is the industry’s smartest, most reliable label applicator with precision performance capabilities.

The LS7000 features a 7.0” color display, providing the large surface to easily navigate and work through the user interface. The open web design concept on the LS7000 makes it the simplest label applicator to use both from operability and serviceability. You can use the LS7000 to apply labels using a WIPE method as well as a TAMP method to the side, top, bottom, and corner-wrap of primary product, case, and pallet panels. Providing an easy transition from MCA IV to MCA7 motor control assembly module, the LS7000 comes with Beagle bone electronics circuitry allowing for enhanced communication rates, response times, and faster file transfers that do not require any new training around the product.

The LS7000 has remote access capabilities, allowing users to run the label applicator from the user interface directly on the system or remotely through a PC or handheld controller. The LS7000 has been designed to be easy to install and service, offer high performance benefits, and features a larger, easy to navigate control interface. 

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